About NFUK


Norwegian Association of Independent Artists (NFUK) is a non-profit membership-driven organization that was founded September 29, 1993 in Moss, Norway. The organization is nationwide with regional groups and consists of over 250 members. The Association is open for all visual artists, also those who do not automatically qualify for membership in associations for artists with formal art educations, but who nevertheless possess artistic qualities which make them eligible to exhibit in galleries/forums that are otherwise closed to them.

The organization’s intent is to:

  • Protect the members’ academic and artistic interests.
  • Create cooperation within the visual artist environment.
  • Enhance the quality of the individual, and safeguard the diversity of the organization.
  • Arrange exhibitions where the utmost quality of art is presented.
  • Make the NFUK logo and organization known and respected.

NFUK Laws and rules

As a member you get:

  • The right to use NFUK name and logo in connection with exhibitions, advertisements, printed materials and on your resume
  • Annual offer of correction / evaluation of artworks
  • Invitation to attend NFUK’s juried nationwide exhibitions
  • The opportunity to form their own local NFUK groups and participate in local exhibitions
  • Invitation to attend various exhibitions
  • Right to have your art displayed in NFUK’s Web gallery
  • Right to apply for NFUK Art Scholarship
  • You become a part of our professional environment, you are invited to our professional events and gain access to a useful and enjoyable network of fellow artists.

Who can join?

Despite the fact that it is no requirement, we see that many of our members have an art education, either from the Fine Arts School, Formation Teacher training or they are self-taught or have participated in courses with skilled, established artists. To join NFUK, you must submit works to be juried by our qualified jury. The jury is composed of two external, renowned artists and one internal member chosen by our artistic director.

How high is the level?

The admission criteria in NFUK are strict. The criteria is the same as admission requirements to major regional exhibitions arranged by the national art organizations. An average of 20% of those seeking admission in NFUK is being accepted.

The Board
NFUK ‘s Board manages the association by the association’s statutes and the internal laws.
See the current Board Members

NFUK has regional groups that have been established under the approval of the Board. The regional groups have their own board, meetings and plans and implement their own local initiatives. In cooperation with Jury Secretariat, the 2nd jury of the membership admission may be carried out locally at the regional group.

Regional groups:
NFUK Sørvest, on the Southwest coast of Norway (Stavanger – Bergen area).
NFUK Nordvest, on the Northwest coast of Norway (Volda, Ålesund area)
NFUK Innlandet inland from Oslo North (Gjøvik – Hamar – Lillehammer area)
NFUK Oslo – Akershus regional group.

Organization number: 991 192 298

Brønnøysundregistrene, see registration