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Anne Grete Flø


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About Anne Grete Flønes:
She lives in Lillestrøm, a city close to the capital of Norway. She has attended a one-year art education at Nydalen School of art and is a jury recommended member of NFUK (Norwegian Association of Independent Artist) and Agora Gallery in New York.

I have started with own art-design on clothing:

As I have loved drawing since I was a little girl, mine painterly expression has mainly been figuratively. I discovered that I had a wealth of bright colors inside me, and I see that I am a pronounced colorist.
I paint based on what I see, and so I pick out what I want forward and catches it on the canvas. Strong bright colors are important to me. The motives are not planned. They evolve through the grinding process, before it suddenly appears one or more subjects. It seems like a final stage is often a start of a new process.

The painting undergoes constant transformations. The paintings consist of many layers. Viewers go easily into interpretations of the painting and discover something new. One viewer sees something, and another sees something else. I am moving in the borderland between the figurative and the abstract expression, and vary between clarity and covert.
The works are mainly acrylic on canvas.


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    Det forunderlige
    Akryl på lerret, 60x60 cm
    The yellow
    Akryl på lerret, 50x60 cm
    Akryl på lerret, 50x60 cm
    Akryl på lerret, 50x60 cm
    Akryl på lerret, 40x40 cm
    Akryl på lerret, 42x60 cm
    La oss leve for hverandre
    Akryl på lerret, 80x80 cm
    Akryl på lerret, 50x60 cm