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Member since spring 2018.


Marie Indahl has a master’s degree in criminology from the University of Oslo. As an artist, she is self-taught. Since 2013 she has exhibited her works both separately and collectively in Norway. In 2018, she was excepted a member of NFUK (Norwegian Association of Independent Artists) which is a juried entry. Due to Covid-19, a collective exhibition in London planned for July 2020, is postponed to 2021.

Marie Indahl has previously worked with fine accessory design, whereby she participated in various projects, like Fretex’ book project «Soup, Soap and Salvation» in 2002 with redesign of accessories. She has designed accessory for sales, commercials and TV shows. Crown Princess Mette-Marit has purchased several of her accessories.

Marie Indahl’s paintings are semi-abstract landscapes. Her motifs center around mountains as they to her still represent a kind of solidity and thereby give us sight of a future during these uncertain times in general and climate change. Her use of abstraction, different textures and colours represents the changing nature around us. She paints to evoke awareness towards our altering, cultivating and destruction of nature. In some of her paintings she tries to imitate natures beauty as a reminder of what we are about to lose. She makes use of coincidence and chaos in her aesthetic, and thereby try to express a kind of fortuitousness by leaving them uncompleted. Like nature and life, itself, humans are incomplete too and continuously changing.

Marie Indahl find inspiration in the works of painters and photographers like Helene Schjerfbeck, Olav Christoffer Jensen, Inger Sitter, Mark Rothko, Lee Krasner, Uta Barth and Saul Leiter.

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Olav Engelbrektssons allé 41, 7040 Trondheim


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    Dense Fragility
    60x90 cm
    20x20 cm
    No title
    50x60 cm
    Våren I
    30x30 cm
    Candy Mountain Party Cake
    80x100 cm
    Candy Mountain Lemon Taste
    Candy Mountain Sweetmint
    20c20 cm
    Candy Mountain Cookies & Cream
    20x20 cm